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Jun 15

SmartPhone Booking Launched

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Jun 15

We are really pleased to announce, today, the beta launch of our SmartPhone version of myBookingWizard; built from scratch as a native web application for iPhone (3G/3GS/4), Ipad (1/2) and Android devices.

Mobile booking is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sectors and we’re really proud to have been able to release this version so early. Originally we had planned to produce a mobile version of myBookingWizard in Q1 2012 but a combination of customer demand and the ease of technical implementation has enabled us to accelerate the early release.

Currently there are some functionality limitations but all aspects of  the booking process work beautifully and in the next version we will have ironed out some of the functional issues and are also planning to add additional features such as geo-location.

From day one myBookingWizard was conceived and designed to use the latest browser standards to offer the highest level of performance and compatibility across all modern browsers and computers. So don’t expect it to work very well on the hated Windows Mobile 6.0 from 2001 but do expect a seamless and smooth experience when using any of the modern SmartPhone operating systems including IOS 4.x and Android 2.x.

The growth of Smartphone usage of the last 3 years is nothing short of meteoric. In 2010 use of mobile devices to connect to the Internet grew by 10 times from just under 1% of all web traffic to nearly 10%. By way of comparison, in the Summer of 2009 mobile web traffic was less than 0.02%.

There is no sign of this growth slowing down with new products (tablets, iPad), new technology (Car-based systems), new core systems (geo-location) and faster mobile access (4G) all coming down the development pipe at quite a rate of knots.

Faster, easier and more pervasive connectivity will change the rules and the balance of mobile/laptop/desktop forever. The iPad popularity is causing laptop demand to dive so an unpleasant future for notebook sales has been painted. Laptop sales were on a steady upward trajectory in late 2009 before crashing in January 2010 (Note: Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the iPad is supposed to be the cause). It is estimated that the iPad has cannibalized notebook sales by as much as 50%.

Also on the horizon for iPad cannibalization: desktop PCs, which some industry observers suggest will see some 27% of its sales go to the iPad. While it seems barking to suddenly assume that the iPad is going to take the place of desktop PCs and laptops, in terms of price range and portability, it would make sense for someone to go home with an iPad over a laptop if they already own a functional computer.

Laptops and tablets are certainly not the same thing, but if it’s portability that the consumer is after, a one-pound iPad makes a lot more sense than a laptop. This is certainly borne out with the amount of cash that Dell, HP et al have been chucking at Tablets.

Smartphone usage, whilst rocketing, is only just beginning to take hold. Around half of men in the UK own a SmartPhone with 16-24 year olds spending a staggering 90 minutes per day using their SmartPhone and 25-44 spending 40 minutes a day. This is 4 times the average total Internet usage in 2001.

By the end of the Summer it is estimated that 15m people in the UK will use mobile Internet on their SmartPhone with browsing the top activity with an estimated 90% of these SmartPhone users browsing at least once a day.

Mobile is where it’s at. e-Bookers recently launched their mobile site ( for SmartPhones and found that 70% of the bookings taken through the mobile site were for same-day bookings. Time is the one thing we all value and nothing is more likely to win a customer than the ability to book there and then. On their SmartPhone. was created by an experienced team of Internet developers having a total of 100 years of experience. Originally conceived as a pure bespoke CRM and Sales Flow application, since the original version was launched (2007) the process and code has been simplified to such an extent that it now requires less deployment, less overhead and less support than any other booking options on the web.

Hosted on the cloud, deployed using 1 line of code and supporting Google Calendar. Couldn’t be any simpler. Or faster. Or reliable. Contact us now to arrange a demo or to talk to one of our account managers.

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