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Jun 12

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Jun 12

Week 24 : Curated Shorts

Content curation is getting some airplay recently. Unbounce talk about the value of bringing together information from other sources. I suppose the bad reaction that content farms and automatic site-scrapers drove conventional curation underground but it’s alive and kicking. 99% of the shared content on the likes of Facebook and Twitter is not original content but re-purposed or shared. It’s a good thing and nowhere in the Internet handbook does it say that we are not allowed to share other folks content.

The Difference Between UX and UI Explained. Ever met someone who uses UX and UI interchangeably? Ed Lea created this photographic infographic to visually define the differences between user experience and user interface design and how they relate to a product. [read more] and click on the graphic to the right –>

The Redesign Trap. A redesign is a symptom of a deeper problem. A good design works to make the thing perform well and to communicate how it works to the user. It’s an expression of function. A well designed thing is beautiful to us precisely because its design is optimal for its purpose—its form is in harmony with its function.

A good design doesn’t need a refresh or a redesign unless the function dramatically changes. If the changes are subtle, the design should be able to accommodate them effortlessly. What we’re seeing though with website redesigns around the Web isn’t a change in function, but a change in style. [read more]

Over a quarter of emails are opened on mobile devices. Further proof of the importance of mobile for email marketers is provided by new stats showing that more than a quarter of emails are opened on phones and tablets.

Knotice conducted a study of 974m emails sent in the second half of 2011, and found that mobile open rates had grown from 20.24% in the first half of the year to 27.39% in the second.

The research also provides a useful breakdown of open rates between tablets and mobiles. 20.63% of emails were opened on smartphones, with 6.76% on tablets, mainly the iPad (6.54% of emails were opened on this device). [read more]

IBM identifies four ‘digital personalities’ to help segment media audiences. IBM has identified four new types of digital consumers that media providers should target to improve digital revenue streams.

The ‘Beyond Digital’ report states that the new behaviours of connected customers – which include social viewing, distracted viewing and digesting on-demand content – have greatly impacted media providers.

  • Efficiency Experts. This largest group (41%) sees the adoption of digital devices and services as a way to make life easier.
  • Content Kings. This digital personality (9%) includes dedicated gamers, newshounds, movie buffs, music lovers and TV fans:
  • Social Butterflies. These consumers (15%) cannot imagine not being able to instantly access any of their friends.
  • Connected Maestros. This personality (35%) combines the behaviours common to Content Kings and Social Butterflies with even more sophisticated behaviours.

[read more]

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Web Design. With such a strong- and necessary- emphasis on user interaction, the standards for usability, utility and aesthetics have never been higher.
Here are some fundamental do’s and don’ts of effective web design that can take you a long way in designing pages that are optimized, convertible and actionable. [read more]

Events+ : Integration of Google Calendar into WordPress. I literally wasted a week of development work on a BuddyPress site a couple of months back trying to integrate a BuddyPress installation with Google Calendar. It appears that you can pull a Google Calendar into your WP site, but using iCal to update a Google Calendar from your WP site is worthless as it doesn’t seem to work and I read discussions over the past several years of postings that all say the same thing [read more]

How to Build Your Own Agile Marketing Team. Too many businesses are ill-equipped to handle change. The problem is not the people in the organization—it’s the process.

Many organizations are too rigid and their approach is too focused on the long term to swiftly take advantage of marketplace opportunities. Teams then have only one shot to “get it right.” And if they fail, widespread frustration ensues, creating potentially serious repercussions throughout the entire company.

Marketers often find themselves on the front lines, fighting the battle to keep pace with rapidly evolving product offerings, communication channels, and business software—while stuck with time-consuming processes and procedures. [read more]

CallTrack: Syncing incoming, outgoing, and missed call logs to Google Calendar. There are a lot of applications on the Google Play Store that sync your phone’s data over the air. There are apps that sync your SMS, your contacts, and other phone files and make them easily accessible when the need arises. In the case of the CallTrack app, the app can be used to sync your call logs to your Google Account and visually view them on your Google Calendar. [read more]

Tim Berners-Lee: demand your data from Google and Facebook – Battle for the Internet. Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web, has urged internet users to demand their personal data from online giants such as Google and Facebook to usher in a new era of highly personalised computer services “with tremendous potential to help humanity”.

Berners-Lee, the British born MIT professor who invented the web three decades ago, says that while there has been an explosion of public data made available in recent years, individuals have not yet understood the value to them of the personal data held about them by different web companies. [read more]

Week Shorts is a curated compendium of interesting news articles compiled at Connected and read by thousands interested in the new media world. Inspired very much by Flipboard and its wonderful ability to bring together all that I find useful in a simple reading format. This is my hackery version of this and showcases what I am reading at the moment and what’s out there. Enjoy!

All the articles are taken from third party sources and links are provided back to see the full article after minor editing and formatting changes. Connected acknowledges the owners of the work and respective copyrights. The article is provided, as-is with no warranty as to its accuracy. Connected cannot control and therefore will not be held liable for the content of third-party web-sites.



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