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Jun 27

Version 1.0 in Full Commercial Release

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Jun 27 was officially moved out of Beta release on Friday and now has Full Commercial Release status.

Description: Cost effective, cloud-based, Online Booking System that is simple to deploy, easy to use and supports the vast majority of calendars.

V1.0 Delivery: Stand-alone Online Booking System that deploys onto any web-site using a dedicated booking back-end system built around the Google API. Supports multiple calendars and 2 dimensional rules with automated booking and reminders.

Technical: Perl-built Google API-based application that books reserved slots using a XHTML and Javascript front-end custom tailored around a clients colour scheme, logo and booking options. Calendar management via Google Calendar API with support for closed times and booked times. Send out ics files in the email confirmation to users for integration into users calendar.

Platform: Rackspace-hosted service provided and managed by Connected complete with a dedicated Google Business Apps Account. Supports shared-calendars and access from mobile devices with up to 25 GB of storage and Microsoft Outlook email and calendar Sync with Blackberry Enterprise Server. Full 128bit SSL security support with 99.9% uptime.

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