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Jan 18

Wk 3 Shorts : Schemer, tablets, big macs & online Booking

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Jan 18

Google launches event-focused service Schemer. Google has launched an event-focused website called Schemer that encourages users to discover and share information about places and events to go to. [more]

A tablet for everyone. IN OCTOBER, a day after Apple iPhone 4S was launched, a little-known London based company named DataWind, in collaboration with the Indian government, unveiled the world’s cheapest tablet computer in New Delhi. The product, christened “Aakash” (“sky”, in Hindi) will be sold to students at subsidised price of $35 [more]

McDonald’s diners gorge on free bytes. Fast-food chain has 750,000 customers logging on to the internet across the UK after introducing free Wi-Fi connections. [more]

Online Booking is Evolving. An online booking system is not a new concept. For years now airlines and hotels have utilized these types of systems to streamline the booking process when it comes to plane tickets and hotel rooms. However, this type of system is now being much more widely adopted when it comes to consumer service industries. Everything from teeth cleaning to house cleaning and annual physicals to counseling sessions can often be booked online these days. Customers love the convenience, and businesses love that appointment setting requires little to no work so that staff can spend more time making clients happy. That is what the customer service industry is all about, right? [more]

Boots seizes top spot in BR app chart. Boots Opticians’ Eye Check app has surged to the top of the charts this week, leapfrogging the Coca-Cola Christmas app, which claimed second place. [more]

Tablets creating new relationships with consumers. Tablets will not replace laptops and desktops, but have carved out their own niche relationship with consumers, according to new research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).[more]

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